Simple Changes Do Make a Difference

Life today is a risky business when it comes to drinking water and food. As a person who believes in and takes natural supplements, I am always amused when people tell me that they will not take anything that their doctor has not prescribed. Little do they know about all the chemicals (most untested for human toxicity) and drugs that lurk in our food, water and air.

We are "taking" things not prescribed by doctors all the time just by drinking water and eating our food and don't even think a thing about it. There have been dramatic changes in the our food supply as well as our eating habits that are causing equally dramatic changes in our health.  Watch this Video on Our Toxic World.

While we are using more pesticides and herbicides along with genetic manipulation of crops, the nutritional of our food has decreased since the 1950's. Crops are picked before they are ripe, lowering the nutritional potential of the fruits and vegetables. Our drinking water is the source a myriad of chemicals including prescription drugs, industrial pollutants, agricultural runoff and fertilizers. Now 20% of the lead exposure we get on a daily basis, including bottled water. Using filtered water is sensible and a healthier way to get the much needed hydration we need daily.

Get Clean Water

So think carefully the next time you turn your nose up at the idea of taking a natural supplement, remember all the chemicals you are "taking" because of poor quality drinking water and our food sources.

Do something good for yourself. Make some simple changes in your food, water and supplementation to have a healthier life. Use filtered water such as from Get Clean Water from Shaklee since it filters 99% of the lead from water along with many agricultural and industrial pollutants.

  • Purchase organic foods from local growers. Talk with the grower if possible to establish how they grow their crops, what pest control methods they choose and how they handle the food once it is picked.
  • Avoid processed and fast foods because of preservatives, fat content and sodium levels.
  • ¬†Increase your exercise each day, walk or jog in your neighborhood, use the Wii Fit program at home, go to a gym or local fitness center or take classes in dance.
  • Eat well and use good natural supplements.

I always recommend Shaklee supplements since they are known for being safe and contaminate free. In my "Supplements to Avoid" post on August 22nd, I sited Dr Jamie McManus explaining why Shaklee supplements are safe. When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change!

Eat good healthy food, exercise daily, drink filtered drinking water, and supplement wisely! Stay Healthy!! Elise